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Baby Boy Number 2!

Hey Guys! 

This is the best way I thought I could update you with the new baby coming soon! For those of you who do not know I am pregnant & am due in October. I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the date cause I feel like it is always changing so I will just let you all know it is mid to end of October! I am 100% hoping for the 23rd because that was my grandmas birthday, but in all reality Ill take him whenever just want him to be healthy! 

Yes, It is a boy AGAIN! I hope I survive as a boy mom cause man Jax is crazy! We do have a name picked out for him and you will hear it when we announce his arrival in October. But I will tell you that his initials will be HHS, so you get a little more information then most. 

I recently had a appointment to check on him to make sure he wasn't bigger then we thought and to see if the date will change yet again. Turns out he is very long, no surprise there Dustin is tall & Jax is a little giant. But he is right on when his weight, weighing in at a whooping 2lbs. He will be gaining a pound or a half pound a week now so we are getting so close! 

I dont usually share my life story let alone about my pregnancies but most of you are like family and I would love for you to know! When I was pregnant with Jax I was in really rough shape and had pre-eclampsia, my feet were so huge & I was so huge as well. I am super happy & feel so much healthier this time around with no sight of any issues for now. (please knock on wood for me.) by now I would have huge feet and high blood pressure but I have neither.

I also am looking like a big wierdo these days in compression socks to avoid kankles and swollen feet so if you happen to see me on the live in them, just know they are a new style I am so pulling off lol. I seriously thought sense I had a boy already I had everything I needed for this one. Turns out a have a problem and have to buy little boy clothes if I see a cute outfit so he can have the cute new stuff lol. Also I have to buy all the new gadgets and things for him so hopefully by October I have it all! lol Fun random fact my favorite color is his birthstone & both my boys will have my 2 favorite colors as there stones. Pink Tourmaline & Ruby!

Feel free to comment about your pregnancies or anything!

I am going to attach some Ultrasounds that I have gotten so far just so you all can see. He is seriously a wiggle worm and doesn't sit still during the photos.

Thank you for reading my little update, Cant wait for this new little one to meet the Sassy Squad! 


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  • Diana Cataldi-Scribner

    Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous event with us all. I can’t wait till October but enjoy the wiggles and tumbling as he will be here very soon!

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