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Been to long.. & I just want to share my thoughts..

It's been way to long sense our last blog post! We as of many of you I am sure are dealing with so much right now! Between corona-virus and now riots we are among those small business feeling a struggle. Now.. I write these blogs as a human being who has feelings and freedom of speech. (everyones opinion is welcome but please don't attack me for explaining how I feel and my side of all of this.) But with the recent riots and BLM movement I am left in shock and awe. I will start out by saying I do Believe in All Lives Matter. I do not see color I see everyone as equal. What has happened and appeared recently in the news is unacceptable. But I hate seeing every Law Enforcement Officer in the US take the blame..

Many of you may know but if you don't. I do have family very close to me in Law Enforcement and this is so scary to me. This person works with some people that are not the best, but despite that they treat them as if they were friends. why you ask? Because they believe that everyone deserves a second chance. This person looks past there bad past and gives them a second chance at getting better in life. And I believe that is how 99% of police officers are. 

I hope most of you if not all of you see Law Enforcement as a very important thing we have available to us because you can bet your bottom dollar I would not want to have no one to call when I am scared, being robbed let alone worse! Just because one bad apple snuck into the orchard doesn't mean they are all bad! Yes, there should be change to not letting this happen again. But defunding and getting rid of the police is not the solution. If a officer does something like this let alone if it is justified there is always a investigation to determine if they should be charged or not. 

I have also been nervous but not as worried as some of you may be closer to these issues.(I hope everyone is staying safe.) I luckily live in a smaller town. But I have seen some people even attacking Ambulances and fire trucks!! Really upsetting to me because Dustin is a EMT. Emts, Firefighters and also Police are just doing there jobs and have a family to go home to at night..

Please see that Black & Blue Lives Matter, unjustified deaths are not acceptable and I do believe he will pay for this! 

Also with all this controversy going on I have seen multiple places telling people to support and shop only with small black business owners only, This is so sad to me because it hurts us and many others who are just trying to make a living and recover from this pandemic. I think you should shop ALL SMALL BUSINESS, BECAUSE ALL SMALL BUSINESSES MATTER!  We will be bringing in handmade and homemade items to sell from other small businesses of all diversities to support others in this crazy time. 

Thank you to those who are always believing in this small business and supporting us!

The Story of Us.. SuZan & Corey ♡
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  • Barbara Waclaw

    This year began for us with a total disaster. Our house was burned down and we literally lost everything. We wish for nothing more but to be able to live back in a place where we have spent the last 50 years together.
    We are with a verified charity:
    Thank you for your support. Barbara.

  • Robin Irvin

    I’m just getting a chance to read this. Please tell Dustin I said thanks for being a first responder for your community. It’s so very important in this day and age. I also see every man woman and child as equals. This gospel song says it best” The Ground is Level at the foot of the cross no man stands higher than I”. I will continue to support this small business as you all MATTER. Thank you for your kindness. You ladies are very special and you need to hear it. Blessings Robin

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