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yes, we're talking about this. But probably not what you think we would talk about regarding it..

Hey everyone, let me just start off by saying we hope you all are doing well or as well as you can be with the situation we have going on. We also want to let you know that we are here for you if you need someone to talk to or a little retail therapy lol .

Anyway, the main topic of this conversation is coronavirus and yes this is a very scary issue but I'm sure as you all have heard over and over from everyone who has your email or you work for that the most important thing is wash your hands and basically don't get sneezed on lol or sneeze on people. I'm hoping this goes away as fast as it came here, but I am more concerned about something else now that this problem has occurred. Not only are all small business suffering from this but I believe every human being is also suffering..

What I hope to accomplish with this blog post is to make you all feel like you have someone to talk to, someone to vent to, & someone who cares about your health and safety. I know we are just a small business and we all met with us selling you something but I know we have built some really great relationships from the beginning of sassy & chic. WE CARE AND GENUINELY LOVE EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU!  Please do not hesitate to reach out because you are not alone we are also scared running around in a panic just hoping to find basic living essentials that we have run out of and are going store to store just to find anything. I am not sure how bad it is where you all are but it is to that point here in Utah. I know it is super hard to live like this but I truly believe if we all stay united and there for each other this thing will blow over and not affect us as much as it is.

I know many of you may suffer from things that make times like these hard but please don't forget we are here for you. Whether its anxiety or depression or absolutely anything else we don't judge and we don't care we would love to just be that emotional support a lot of us need right now. The virus itself personally isn't what scares me.. what scares me is all the panic and chaos it has brought out in the US. I am not taking away from the fact that this virus is very serious just giving you my thoughts on it and how I personally feel. Does anyone else feel the same? What is your thoughts or feelings you would like to share? 

This may have been a waste of your time or you may have realized in this that we really do care. But whatever you feel don't hesitate to reach out or pop in our VIP group and share anything. Heck we could all use even a good laugh in there. All I am saying for the thousandth time in here is WE CARE & WE ARE HERE TO CHAT NO MATTER HOW FAR AWAY YOU ARE, DON'T LET THIS RUIN YOU. BECAUSE I KNOW THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THIS COVID CRAZY TUNNEL.... 


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  • Mindy Ortega

    Hello all of you Sassy Ladies! What a time we are experiencing right now…. These last few weeks have not only stretched our resources, stores, companies and families to the limits, but our new reality has been stressful and very scary. Our lives may never look the same…at least for the time being. The one thing we all have control of, is our reaction to this all. If everyone can wait a week and let our suppliers get the products into the stores, we would not have a shortage of supplies. On top of all of this, Utah is experiencing hundreds of aftershocks from the earthquake last week. I have been experiencing dizziness and nausea since they started. So to say this is a challenging time for me is an understatement. My grandkids and my daughter and son-in-law are thousands of miles from me and all I can think about is how they are dealing with all of these changes…and how I wish I was closer. Thank you ladies for giving us a platform to talk about our feelings and fears. I have worked in healthcare for over 25 years…. I can not stress how important more than ever before, please listen to the CDC and heed the warnings… unless you want to be on lockdown inside your homes, please stop the spread of the COVID-19 disease. People please listen, this is not a joke. We have so many loved ones that have underlying health conditions (I am diabetic and have asthma). If I get exposed, I may not recover. That thought scares me. I have chosen to isolate to protect me. My husband works for Costco, and truth be told, I most likely will be exposed. Please do your part. Social distancing is the key! Without it, we may be looking at months and months instead of weeks. Do it for your mother, your sick or elderly grandma, your cancer survivor friend or neighbor, what ever you do, keep them in your mind and be careful. I don’t want to see my friends or family die because someone didn’t listen, or didn’t take this seriously….. ok, rant over and thank you for listening. God bless each and every one of you!!

  • Nancy

    First , I pray everyone is safe and gem free. Please make sure to throughly wash your hands. Stay as clean and gem free as possible.
    Secondly, I work for a grocery chain. Please only buy what you need. We all know the most needed items are flying off the shelves. The trucks come every night. Please be courteous that other families need them too. The grocery stores will remain open for business. The last week has been extremely horrible and as places temporarily shut down things will be getting worse, unfortunately. My store has closed for 4 additional hours a day to recover, clean and restock. People have been very mean, rude and unkind. Please be compassionate to other people we are all scared of the unknown. The elderly especially need the food and kindness.

    I pray everyone is safe and this passes quickly. Thank you so much.

  • Robin Irvin

    Hello Ladies, I have had this on my mind a lot also ,especially since Wed. . I’m not afraid of the virus but peoples reactions are not very nice.
    I put my trust in God and I know he’ll meet every need. I appreciate you ladies so much. I hope you all stay well and we will get through this difficult time.
    Today I’m wearing the yellow tie dye shirt from (SAC) and it’s so pretty. I pray all of the ladies in this group are well and blessed. Take care thank you for your kindness to me. Robin

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